Monday, September 16, 2019

Paperback Warrior Podcast - Episode 11

We're on the road to adventure! This episode, Eric discusses author Jack Higgins including his WW2 novel "The Dark Side of the Island" from 1964. Tom reviews "The President is Missing!", a 1967 book by Henry A. Milton. Eric tells listeners about hitting the jackpot at a flea market shop in Florida. Listen below or download directly LINK. Also, stream anywhere that offers podcasts. Listen to "Episode 11: Jack Higgins" on Spreaker.


  1. Jack Higgins wrote four novels under the name of James Graham. I found them amongst his best best action-packed work. THE KHUFRA RUN happens to be my favorite novel by the author. Love the podcasts.

    A Game for Heroes (1970)
    The Wrath of God (1971)
    The Khufra Run (1972)
    The Run to Morning (1974)

  2. I want to second a recommendation for "The Dark Side of the Island." A great novel with a strong plot (there's a mystery element to it that is handled really well) and exciting action.