Monday, September 23, 2019

Paperback Warrior Podcast - Episode 12

In this episode, Tom discusses the career of crime-noir author Milton Ozaki, including his 1958 paperback "Case of the Cop's Wife". Eric continues his WW2 theme from last week with a review of 1979's "Sergeant Hawk" by Patrick Clay. Tom takes us to the Macon County Line with a book buying road trip in Georgia. Listen below or download directly LINK. Also, stream on any popular streaming service. Listen to "Episode 12: Milton Ozaki" on Spreaker.


  1. You guys keep costing me money. A found a copy of Sgt. Hawk online for 7 bucks including the postage.

  2. I'm wondering if Patrick Clay is a house name, there are quite a few other series, such as the four book 'Gunships', a Vietnam war series which turned out to be by comic book author Christopher Lowder (He later created the 'Deathlands' series.) under the name J. H. Teed, where the 'author' turned out to be someone else writing under a pseudonym.

  3. Great episode chaps. Always enjoy your enthusiasm for the hobby! Just tracked down the first two Sgt Hawk titles quite cheap here in the UK. Would love to see you cover some Jim Thompson.