Monday, March 30, 2020

Paperback Warrior Podcast - Episode 37

It’s time for Episode 37 of the Paperback Warrior Podcast! This week we take a look back at the best books we read and reviewed for the month of March. Tom presents an unmasking of a rockabilly musician who also wrote genre fiction. We review vintage paperbacks from Borden Deal and Ivor Drummond. Join the fun on your favorite podcast app, stream below or download directly HERE.

Listen to "Episode 37: 99 Chicks" on Spreaker.


  1. THE SCARLET VIRGIN isn't one of Ron's better titles; I'd have started with THE SEXAREENOS, a semi-autobiographical book about the music business.

  2. Quite a distinction to be the number one podcast for those still using AOL - the next target is to be number one among those with the "12:00" still flashing on their VCRs!

  3. "Biff Elliot" was also the name of the first actor to play Mike Hammer, in the 1953 adaptation of "I, the Jury". To show his displeasure with the casting choice, Spillane used to have a story about going to see his novel on the screen, and when the film opens, an audience member calls out in surprise, "DAT'S Mike Hammah?"