Monday, April 6, 2020

Paperback Warrior Podcast - Episode 38

Episode 38 of the Paperback Warrior Podcast presents a feature on the life and work of post-apocalyptic fiction author Jan Stacy including a review of the first installment in his Doomsday Warrior series. We also discuss some recent purchases as well as a review of the Harry Whittington classic, A Night for Screaming. Please check us out on any podcast app, streaming below or direct download HERE

Listen to "Episode 38 - Jan Stacy and the End of the World" on Spreaker.


  1. A Ticket To Hell by Harry Whittington sounded familiar...went in the basement and searched the back shelf and found my slightly yellowed Black Lizard copy from 1987! There's a long 19 page intro from Whittington himself (1986)...I don't remember the story so the re-read will be like it's brand new! Will start...soon...

  2. If you think Annilation was inspired by Doomsday Warrior 1, read book 19 of Doomsday Warrior, then watch the Armageddon movie, flying to an asteroid to destroy it.. hmmm

    Also a potential item of interest, per your observation, of Doomsday Warrior 1 being 2 books, and getting off on some tangents early on, if you listen to the Graphic Audio adaptation of Doomsday Warrior 1, they cut out a bunch of stuff, not sure if it was thier choice, or at the suggestion of Ryder Syvertson, who they had an interview with on one of thier podcast things, but the audio book was more streamlined. I also can't suggest enough the Graphic Audio Doomsday warrior series, fantastic full cast, dramatized, sound effects, etc. I read all 19 books, and did the audio books, and in the audio books the biggest change was streamlining book 1, after that, it's hard to find differences in the book vs audio, couple little things through the rest of the series.