Monday, March 23, 2020

Paperback Warrior Podcast - Episode 36

In Paperback Warrior Podcast Episode 36, our field correspondent witnesses a book purge at a legendary bookstore. Who got the axe? We discuss big news regarding Max Allan Collins’ Nolan books and a vexing problem concerning John Boland’s Gentlemen series. Eric reviews a Doc Savage book by Philip Jose Farmer, and Tom covers The Captain Must Die by Robert Colby. Stream below on your favorite podcast app. Direct downloads HERE:

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  1. For World War I books, there is a three-book series called Trench Raiders by Sean McLachlan. Very much about trench warfare.
    1. Trench Raiders
    2. Digging In
    3. No Man's Land

  2. Guys, when these books start flowing, I'll send them along...unless you'd rather have the original editions...

  3. None of these sell at HPB sell anymore. Also the Vietnam men's action adventure are a tough sell as well.The " Ashes " series still sells, even the " Destroyer " as well.

  4. Great podcast guys. Eric - don't know if you have to create a different podcast for this, but I'd love to hear about your heavy metal collection!