Monday, June 8, 2020

Paperback Warrior Podcast - Episode 47

On Paperback Warrior Episode 47, we explore the multimedia empire of Private Eye Michael Shayne and review a rare Harry Whittington book from 1959. Join the discussion on your favorite podcast app, stream below or download directly HERE: Listen to "Episode 47: Mike Shayne" on Spreaker.


  1. Strangers on Friday is available to read online via the Internet Archives:

  2. Always fun and interesting to listen to -- BUT yes, Chris and Tom, I am one of those "illustration heads" who is here to tell you Rafael DeSoto was one of the great illustration artists who did artwork for pulp mags, paperbacks, and men's adventure magazines. The cover of MARKED FOR DEATH is not one of his best, and it's not typical of his usual more realistic style. Given the year of that book - 1964 - I suspect the art director told him to make it more "modern" looking, by making it more simplistic and stylistic rather than realistic. Seriously, guys, you need to look at more of DeSoto's artwork, like the examples here -> or here -> There's also an excellent book about him, edited by David Saunders, son of artist Norman Saunders, on Amazon here -> Other than showing your lack of knowledge about Rafael DeSoto, it was another very good episode. ;-)