Monday, September 28, 2020

Paperback Warrior Podcast - Episode 63

Today’s Paperback Warrior Podcast explores the life and work of sleaze-fiction author Orrie Hitt. Also this week: Chiefland, Florida! Quilting Babes! Andre Norton! Dean R. Koontz! Dial M for Man! Edward S. Aarons! The Net! And much more! Listen on your favorite podcast app or, or download directly HERE 

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  1. Hey guys, great show. A couple of notes: Orrie's first book was Love in the Arctic. He also claimed to have never done any research for his books save visiting a nudist camp, at which, he claims to have never taken off his clothes.

  2. Great podcast! I actually learned some new things about one of my favorite authors, Dean Koontz, and pseudonyms that he has written under. I want to thank you for visiting my store also and for highlighting it on your show!