Monday, November 16, 2020

Paperback Warrior Podcast - Episode 70

Paperback Warrior Episode 70 features an overview of the Richard Blade series of sexy sword-and-planet adventures. Also: Phoenix Force! Howard Hunt! Clark Howard! Gor! Lyle Kenyon Engel! And more!  Listen on your favorite podcast app or at or download directly HERE

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  1. Hey Tom - Interesting stuff on the Richard Blade series, including note about the story that was the basis for one of my favorite Grade B sci-fi flicks, THEY LIVE! Hey Eric - Thanks for the shout out and for the background on the PHOENIX FORCE series. By the way, that great PHOENIX FORCE cover painting by Gil Cohen that's featured at upper left in the graphic you used today is one of my faves. I think Gil's PHOENIX FORCE covers are among his best, and love his vivid portraits of the PF members. I also agree with you on enjoying the PF novels over ABLE TEAM. Folks who like Gil's cover art for THE EXECUTIONER, PHOENIX FORCE and ABLE TEAM novels can get copies of our book ONE MAN ARMY: THE ACTION PAPERBACK ART OF GIL COHEN on Amazon ( or directly from me via my eBay listings (

  2. While by no means a literary powerhouse series, RICHARD BLADE did have some bright spots in its library of stories:

    #24 - DRAGONS OF ENGLOR was a parallel Britain that fought against a Russia that utilized genetically manipulated "dragons" to fight their battles. It was staged more like a WWII adventure than the typical barbarian fantasy scenario typical of the Blade books.

    #19 - LOOTERS OF THARN was a sequel to an earlier novel, #3 JEWEL OF THARN. Blade returns to a previously explored dimension and discovers he has a son. I believe this is the first time this has happened.

    #s 34 and 36 deal with the empire of Kaldak.

    I am intrigued by the French and Russian sequels to this series. I shall have to dig deep and see what's around.

  3. I'd like to correct what was said about the Executioner series--Harlequin has continued publishing The Executioner through December 2020, for a total of 464 Executioner books. In addition, the Executioner and spin-offs, number over 890 books. Don Pendleton's original Executioner series, books 1-15 and 17-38, are published by Open Road Media as ebooks, with the first three novels also in print. Currently, only the first five original Executioners are in audiobooks. I also published Don Pendleton's only Mack Bolan Short Story last year, after 41 years since it was in print.