Monday, October 5, 2020

Paperback Warrior Podcast - Episode 64

Paperback Warrior Podcast Episode 64 explores the legacy of author David Goodis. Also discussed: Black Berets! Eric leaves his house! Used Bookstore haul! Funeral home field trip! Antique store tirade! Wade Miller's Devil May Care! And more! Listen on your favorite podcast app, or download directly HERE

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  1. I read a ton of Goodis when I was just getting into these books. I would recommend the Library of America collection, as well as Elmore Leonard’s. Anyway, I just recently read Black Sunday and it is indeed hardcore! Also recently read Behold This Woman, his bitter divorce book, which I would recommend. Of Tender Sin has the best look at narcotic addiction in the 50’s and has some crazy scenes. Also the chase scene in Night Squad is amazing. Piano Player was underwhelming to me, oddly... keep up the great podcast!