Monday, December 31, 2018

Paperback Warrior: The State of the Blog

Paperback Warrior: The State of the Blog

2018 was a huge year for Paperback Warrior’s growth. We published 288 original entries - mostly reviews - and we ended the year with an aggressive production schedule of new content released every morning, Monday through Friday.

Here’s how our content broke down by genre:

Hardboiled Crime/Noir - 43%
Western - 17%
Vigilante - 15%
Adventure - 5%
Post-Apocalypse - 5%
Spy/Espionage - 4%
WW2 – 3%
Feature Articles - 3%
Action Teams - 2%
Pulp - 2%
Plantation - 1%

Our social media footprint has grown as well with followers on the following platforms:

Facebook - 685
Twitter - 892
Instagram - 1936

We also conducted extensive traffic analysis to learn what you like to read. You voted with your feet (well, your fingers) and visited the following ten articles more than any others in 2018:

1. Searching for the D.C. Man: A Paperback Warrior Unmasking

2. The Greatest Men's Adventure Series Ever: A Paperback Warrior Poll

3. The Adult Western Superfriends

4. Cuba: Sugar, Sex, and Slaughter

5. Inside McLeane's Rangers: A Paperbackback Warrior Unmasking

6. Earl Drake #01 - The Name of the Game is Death (Dan J. Marlowe)

7. The Loving and the Dead (Alan Yates as Carter Brown)

8. A Hell of a Woman (Jim Thompson)

9. Hardman #01 - Atlanta Deathwatch (Ralph Dennis)

10. White Squaw #02 - Boomtown Bust (Mark K. Roberts as E.J. Hunter)

Mostly we want to thank you for reading and interacting with us. We hope that you discovered some good reading and were warned away from some real stinkers. Stay tuned for some great things in 2019!

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