Monday, April 12, 2021

Paperback Warrior Podcast - Episode 86

On Episode 86 of the Paperback Warrior Podcast, we explore team-based action adventure series including Phoenix Force, Alpha Team, SOBs, and so many more. This is a jam-packed episode that men’s adventure paperback fans won’t want to miss. Listen on any podcast app or or download directly HERE

Listen to "Episode 86: Action-Adventure Teams" on Spreaker.


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for spotlighting so many team-based series in your latest podcast.

    If you are looking for more series, I think the books listed below also fall into the same category:
    Surgical Strike #1-3 by Jerry Ahern *
    Point Team #1-3 by J.B. Hadley *
    The Specialists #1-3 by Chet Cunningham *
    Talon Force #1-11 by Cliff Garnett *
    Code Zero #1-3 by D. A. Hodgman *
    Black Eagles #1-21 by John Lansing

    (* Denote series that I own but have not read, so I am basing the categorization via online comments)

    On a side note: my parents purchased one of the Black Eagles books for me when I was 9. I found it on a spinner rack at an airport store, and I was enthralled by the book during my 5 hour flight. My 9 year-old brain had no idea that books with a high level of violence and coarse language existed. About 25 years and a few dollars later, I was able to read the entire series, which I enjoyed because there was no way to know which team members would survive their various missions. In fact, as the series progressed, the first few pages of the books would list the members who were killed. I can't begin to tell you how much effort it took to not jump to the last book in the series to see who had survived up to that point.

    Thank you for your blog, which has inspired me during the last 16 months to build a library filled with hundreds of action-adventure books. Looking forward to the next episode!

  2. Another great episode guys. You mentioned Len Levinson's RAT BASTARDS series but just briefly. I've been listening to the Audible version of the first one in the series and I like it, even though the gore level is over the top -- or maybe because the gore level is over the top. ;-)